Financial Planning Advisors

You worked hard for decades, made sacrifices for your family, and have been careful with your money.
Finally you are near, or have reached, retirement. It’s your chance to do all those fun things you’ve
wanted to do. You’ve crunched the numbers in your retirement calculator, but are unsure of how to
proceed. After all, there are many places you can put your money, such as CDs, stocks, bonds, even
real estate. It can be a stressful time. Obviously, your job, your primary source of income, will be going
away. The volatility of the stock market is cause for concern, too. The last thing you want is to spend
your time anxiously watching the stock market numbers on TV and obsessively checking over your
portfolio statements.

We can help. Secure Retirement Strategies is one of the country’s leading retirement planning services companies, located right here in Pennsylvania.

Retirement Planning Services

We work with many companies for all the various aspects of setting up the right strategy for our clients. As your life insurance advisor we work with the top companies that provide all the different types of plans to make sure the one that fits your needs is available to you. A large part of retirement is making sure the right annuity is in place to ensure financial stability in the future year after year.

Secure Retirement Strategies is know as one of the top index annuity companies in the country, offering index annuities, hybrid annuities and whatever else fits the needs of our clients. The two basic types of annuities are deferred and immediate and we will work with you to make sure the right one is chosen and the best strategy is in place for you.