Secure Retirement Strategies

Facts vs. Fictions

Replace uncertainty and fear with confidence and anticipation

When it comes to retirement, confidence and anticipation are rarely people’s top descriptions for how they feel. But, why couldn’t they be? The fact is, many individuals simply don’t know they truths of retirement planning; instead they have fictitious ideas of what it will take to enjoy a secure financial future leaving individuals wondering if it’s even possible.

It is possible

It just takes knowing the facts from the fictions in financial planning. With a combined fifty-plus years of experience in financial services, authors Michael Neft and Marc Smith are anxious to share the truths that have helped secure the financial futures they want so badly.
As managing partners at Secure Retirement Strategies, they have encountered hundreds of different client circumstances and goals – ultimately concluding the need for a custom-designed retirement plans. This custom plan however, is built on foundational truths and principles that are critical to success. They share these truths in their recently published book, Secure Retirement Strategies: Facts vs. Fictions.

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Secure Retirement Strategies: Facts vs. Fictions

In Secure Retirement Strategies: Facts vs. Fictions, financial experts, Michael Neft and Marc Smith cut through the lies and provide the facts you need to successfully blaze your unique path to retirement. Learn how it’s possible to:


checkmark have income for life and more than enough money for retirement

checkmark invest wisely in the stock market with lower or no fees

checkmark  grow your investments safely with good return

checkmark  enjoy long-term care benefits without paying ongoing premiums

About the Authors

Michael Neft

has over forty years’ experience in finance and securities and oversees Secure Retirement Strategies’ tailor-made retirement plans. Over the course of his career, Michael has attained a special compliance background, bringing more than twenty years of experience as a dispute-resolution arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Michael is a certified member of the National Ethics Association and is always looking for new ways to help retirees and near-retirees throughout the country earn income for life as they approach or enter retirement.

Marc Smith

has twenty-five years of financial-services experience and is a seasoned professional in helping people meet their retirement needs. Before joining Secure Retirement Strategies, Marc was a managing partner of a leading financial organization where he initiated the unique Suite of Services platform, bringing together the broadest range of nonproprietary products to the marketplace under one roof. Marc is regarded for his honesty, passion, integrity, relationship building, and high ethical standards, and he is a certified member of the National Ethics Association.


“I’ve done a lot of interviews, but I would say that these guys stand out the best . . . They took so much time researching my background to help me. If the market goes down, I’m not affected.”

Susan, graphic artist

“How do I manage the changes in my retirement? What strategies do I need? Well, the company is giving me the answers just in its name. We sat down, and he would show me what my options are, what are the advantages and disadvantages. If I didn’t trust them, I wouldn’t be dealing with them.”

Lita, retired photographer

“I’ve had bad experiences with the stock market. Now, my financial future is looking much better. We had an instant connection—they’re a fun bunch, and it’s not always serious, which I appreciate. They’re always there if I have a question.”

Hildegarde, hair stylist

“I just heard on the news about yet another plunge in the stock market, and it is so wonderful to not feel that cold shiver of dread. I’m so glad we met you folks and that we’re doing business with you.”

Susan Wade