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Secure Retirement Strategies

You worked hard for decades, made sacrifices for your family and been careful with your money. Finally, you are near or have reached retirement. It’s your chance to do all those fun things you’ve wanted to do.        

But you’ve heard the news about pensions, Social Security and the economy as a whole. Outlooks are less than certain. The options are complex, but you just want to know when you can retire and how much money you have to work with.

We’ll show you how you can get guaranteed income for life with a fixed index annuity. This product also allows you to make money on market gains while preventing loss in a market downturn.

Your situation is unique, and we strive to maximize your quality of life in retirement with a financial plan customized to your needs. We are Delaware Valley’s leading retirement services provider, with specialists in the Philadelphia and Scranton metropolitan areas. In addition to fixed index annuities, we have decades of experience in wealth management, life insurance and long-term care.