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Access your workbook: "Secure Retirement Strategies: Facts vs. Fictions."

Replace uncertainty and fear with confidence and anticipation

When it comes to retirement, confidence and anticipation are rarely people’s top descriptions for how they feel. But why couldn’t they be? The fact is many individuals simply don’t know the truths of retirement planning; instead, they have fictitious ideas of what it will take to enjoy a secure financial future, leaving some individuals wondering if it’s even possible.

It is possible

It just takes knowing the facts from the fictions in financial planning. With a combined 50-plus years of experience in financial services, authors Michael Neft and Marc Smith are eager to share the truths that have helped secure the financial futures they want so badly.
As managing partners at Secure Retirement Strategies, they have encountered hundreds of different client circumstances and goals – ultimately concluding the need for custom-designed retirement plans. This custom plan, however, is built on foundational truths and principles that are critical to success. They share these truths in their recently published book, "Secure Retirement Strategies: Facts vs. Fictions."


We'll help you plan your retirement with a set of investments
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